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Donating Goods for our Shops

This section of the web site offers helpful tips on what can and should not be donated to help the Hospice raise funds.

Donating goods to Butterwick Hospice is a popular and very helpful method of supporting the Charity. Each year Butterwick receives over 1 million items of clothing, books, bric a brac, household goods and furniture that we sort and where possible recycle and sell on through our high street shops, eBay shop or retail events. We can currently recycle just over half of what we receive however, there are many items we can't sell.

It actually costs the Charity money to dispose of many items and we would like to avoid this to ensure your donation is raising funds for patient care.

Please check the information below to ensure your donation is of items we can resell or recycle and not something we can’t use.

We do sell over a ton of rags each week which consist of clothes that are not of a high enough quality to sell on through the shops. Selling rags is a way of raising funds albeit small amounts but it takes a lot of time to sort the good from the not so good.

We also have to dispose of many items we can't sell because it is an article we are not allowed to sell or its condition is too poor. If the items you are donating are not clothing, is it a recyclable item or is it resalable? Would you pay to own this item, if you wouldn't buy it yourself then we probably can’t use it.

The money we raise from your donations will go towards caring for patients young and old and their families. If we have to dispose of items we can't sell or recyle we have to spend funds, that should be going towards patient care, on disposing of unwanted goods. Please don’t use the Hospice as a dumping ground for unusable goods.

What not to donate

We are unable to collect and re-sell the following items:

TVs, Computer hardware, beds, fridges, microwave ovens, white goods, gas appliances, wall units over 5 ft in height, pianos or large electric organs or suites without the current fire regulation labels attached.

Please also do not donate part items such as incomplete toys, puzzles and games or part sets of bric a brac. Much of the bric a brac that we receive we can't sell on because it is incomplete, such as one cup and saucer from a set or it is cracked, worn or broken. Unsalable items have to be skipped - the Charity has to pay for the skip to be emptied, or taken to the tip which uses valuable funds.

All donated goods are sent to our central warehouse for sorting and distribution. The warehouse is situated in Eaglescliffe and is managed by a small team with one full time member of staff, a loyal handful of volunteers and just one van to service all our shops and customers.

Things we like to receive

The items that do make funds for the Charity include good quality clothing, jewellery, books, complete games and puzzles, unbroken complete toys, good quality bric a brac, modern furniture with safety labels where necessary, small household electrical items such as lamps etc and collectables. All these items help Butterwick to raise funds through our shops to support the work done every day in our adult and children’s hospices.

How to make a donation

You can donate goods direct to the shops or to our warehouse at Unit 1B, Guiseley Way, Durham Lane Industrial Estate, Eaglescliffe. The warehouse is open to the public Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm and you are welcome to drop goods off during those times.

If your item or load is large you can request the van to collect the item/load from your home, however, we only have one van so it is very busy, we would ask you to be patient if you would like to use this service. We will contact you to let you know when the van will call to collect your donation. To make a booking please call the warehouse on 01642 788201 and we will collect from you as soon as we are able.

We also sell furniture from the warehouse and you are welcome to look around the furniture on display however, we don't sell any other products there at the moment.

We are very grateful for the support we receive through donations of goods as they provide a means of raising the money we need to maintain the high standards of care provided by Butterwick Hospices.

For more information about donating to Butterwick please contact our Warehouse Manager on 01642 788201.

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