Hospice Care Week 2016

Hospice Care Week is a national awareness campaign designed to help people learn about their own Hospice. It is hoped that learning more about modern hospice services will help to break down the stigma that still exists, - that a hospice is where you go to die. 

Hospices are where you go if you want to make sure you have the best quality of life despite your illness.

Watch the latest animation created by Hospice UK to learn more about what is available to you from your local hospice.

At your hospice you can benefit from years of experience in caring for people with a life limiting illness. That care extends out to your family and close friends.  

We hope you enjoy the photos of our staff who have used the attached poster to let you know what Hospice Care is to them. They would like you to join in and tell us what hospice care means to you. It's our little vox pops excercise to find out what people think a hospice is all about. 

Please download the Hospice Care is.... poster here from our Hospice Care Week resources page. Please print it off and write your own thoughts on it and post a photo of your message on our Facebook page . We will be adding more photos and messages on Facebook and Twitter throughout the week, we hope you will join in and help us to understand what Hospice Care means to you..

Hospice Care is... Here are some of the photos we have created for Hospice Care Week. Remember to send us your ideas about what Hospice Care is.

Hospice Care is for all the family and all care and support is provided free of charge

There is no 'one size fits all' Hospice staff deliver personalised care.

Our skilled team are able to add quality to patients lives which helps them to feel a greater sense of wellbeing. Our attention to the little details means that our patients feel very special.

Butterwick nurses feel very privilaged to be able to help people at the end of their lives. Their skills and experience in controlling pain and symptoms help to make people feel more comfortable and at ease. 

If you are interested in a career in hospice nursing keep an eye on our current vacancies page.

We are always keen to share skills and knowlege with colleagues from other services and many student nurses spend valuable time at the Hospice during their training.

Case Studies

Image of Sonia’s Good Therapy

"“I’m delighted that people have got so much fun and laughter out of creating this wall art""

Sonia’s Good Therapy

Image of Child Bereavement Services for Schools

"Learn about the work of the School's Liaison Officer"

Child Bereavement Services for Schools

Image of A Very Happy Ending

"Sam Lowes lost twin boys and lost her way until Butterwick's Family Support Team were called to help"

A Very Happy Ending

Image of Charity Coffee Morning

""Our Charity Coffee Morning held on Sunday 19th June 2016 at Benridge Farm""

Charity Coffee Morning