Carers Week 2016

Carer’s Week Overview

Carer’s Week is a national awareness week that highlights the needs and achievements of Britain’s 6.5 million unpaid carers who are looking after a relative, neighbour or friend.

The theme of this year's Carer's Week campaign is:

Butterwick Hospice offers a lot of support to carers through a number of helpful services. During Carer’s Week we will be signing up to the Carer’s Week Pledge on the official website as an organisation that is committed to supporting carers.

We will be highlighting some of the ways in which we support carers through case studies on this website.

General Facts about Caring

  • It is estimated that at some point in our lives 3 in 5 of us will become carers.
  • It is anticipated that at times throughout our lives all of us will need the help of a carer, whether that is due to us recovering from an operation, an injury or because we are suffering the effects of an illness or disease.
  • Some of us will care for just a few hours a week helping someone to shop or helping with housework.
  • Some of us will need to provide care on a daily basis for more essential needs such as getting someone dressed.

Caring can be a rich source of satisfaction in your life. It can be life-affirming, can help to deepen relationships and can teach us a multitude of skills we would not otherwise have and help us to realise our potential.

Caring can also be tiring, time consuming and can cause ill health, poverty and social isolation, if carers are not supported.

The work that Butterwick Hospice does to support carers is essential to help them cope.

Services that Butterwick Hospice freely provides to carers of our patients include:

For more information about Butterwick Hospice Day Services and how they can support patient's carers see our Hospices section and watch the videos about Butterwick.

Case Studies

Image of Sonia’s Good Therapy

"“I’m delighted that people have got so much fun and laughter out of creating this wall art""

Sonia’s Good Therapy

Image of Child Bereavement Services for Schools

"Learn about the work of the School's Liaison Officer"

Child Bereavement Services for Schools

Image of A Very Happy Ending

"Sam Lowes lost twin boys and lost her way until Butterwick's Family Support Team were called to help"

A Very Happy Ending

Image of Holiday from Real Life

"“It’s a great service that I am proud to support and would encourage others to do the same.” "

Holiday from Real Life