LJJ Ltd is a Gold Partner of Butterwick Hospice Care.  We are very grateful for all the support we have received from the LJJ Ltd team. All of our partners share our values and understand the importance of the work of Butterwick Hospice Care. We couldn’t continue our mission without their invaluable support.

The company was formed in 2001 as a private limited company and is a multi-disciplined organisation capable of completing major mechanical, electrical and public health service contracts in a professional and client friendly manner.

LJJ Ltd is an established company with headquarters in Stockton-on-Tees, a regional office based in High Wycombe carrying out works in the south of England, and our Central Office in Birmingham covering the midlands.

Their  expertise embraces the full range of services of commercial and industrial installations. They provide a national service working competitively throughout Great Britain. The company currently has an established infrastructure with a planned turnover around £55m this year.

LJJ Ltd specialise in the design installation and commissioning of mechanical and electrical services in all types of commercial, industrial, public sector, Retail and communal housing projects within the public and private sectors including public health, data and communication cabling, HV and LV installations, air conditioning, heating and cold water services.

The company recognised that to sustain growth and ensure that the management of its policies were carried out in a professional manner it should establish a quality plan, which is implemented on all projects.

A policy of health and safety and welfare is operated and managed by designated members of staff and responsible director.

The company operates an equal opportunity policy and manages the business with due regard to environmental and sustainability issues.

Tel 01642 617517

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