Butterwick's One in a Million


Everyone has someone in their life they can say is their ‘one in a million’. For us at Butterwick Hospice Care, Mary Butterwick,  will always be remembered as our ‘one in a million’; she sold her home to fund our first hospice and  over 35 years later we are still in awe of everything she gave to serve the people within her local community. 

Mary’s lasting legacy gave us the inspiration to try and find others who are also ‘one in a million’. As we approach Christmas we wanted to take the time to celebrate and remember these incredible individuals. As part of this campaign we are about to launch a new video which has people sharing their stories of their own ‘one in a million’. The filming of the video was understandably emotional, as precious memories of special people were shared.  It is very humbling to hear people talk about others who have touched their lives and made a lasting impact.

Butterwick Hospice Care provides end of life care, both in the hospices and at home, we also provide holistic care for patients and their families. Our dedicated team of nurses, doctors, counsellors, physiotherapists, complementary therapists and supporting staff deliver high quality care to our patients and their families at a time and in a place that is right for them.   We work in the local community, in schools and homes providing our support where it is really needed.  We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and all our services are provided free of charge. We are not a cash rich charity; we need to generate 70% of our operating costs annually. It costs around £10,000 per day to run all our services. We are heavily reliant upon donations from our local community to continue our work.  We consider everyone who supports us as ‘one in a million’.

We would really like to hear about your special someone or your ‘one in a million’.  Please follow us on social media to see how you can get involved or call us on 01642 628930.

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Case Studies

Image of Charity Coffee Morning

""Our Charity Coffee Morning held on Sunday 19th June 2016 at Benridge Farm""

Charity Coffee Morning

Image of Holiday from Real Life

"“It’s a great service that I am proud to support and would encourage others to do the same.” "

Holiday from Real Life

Image of Child Bereavement Services for Schools

"Learn about the work of the School's Liaison Officer"

Child Bereavement Services for Schools

Image of A Very Happy Ending

"Sam Lowes lost twin boys and lost her way until Butterwick's Family Support Team were called to help"

A Very Happy Ending