How to refer a patient

Butterwick Hospice freely provides care for people with life limiting illnesses who have complex health care needs and who require assessment and management by the Hospice Multi-disciplinary team.

Our team aim to control pain and relieve complex symptoms as well as providing psychological support for patients and their families at this very difficult time.

If admission is required the average stay in IPU would be 7 days. Ideally the person could then return to their chosen place of care. If a person's condition deteriorated, however, this would be reassessed by the team.

We would ask that prior to referral you consider whether the Hospice is the most appropriate place to meet the needs of your patient.

Butterwick Hospice in Stockton offers In-Patient Unit care (IPU) in our 10 bedded facility and Day Services for up to 18 people a day Tuesday - Fri every week. To decide which service meets your patient's needs you may like to view the pages on this site about the In-patient Unit or Day Services.

The Referral Form for the Stockton adult In Patient or Stockton Day Services should be completed by a healthcare professional, for instance the patient's Consultant, GP or District nurse. The form should be downloaded, printed and completed before faxing back to the Hospice via our secure fax no. 01642605785.

Please complete all areas of the form giving as much detail as possible. Receiving complete, clear details will enable us to respond quickly to your request. Incomplete forms will be returned for completion and this will clearly have an impact on the speed with which we can respond to your request.