Day Services

Day Services are available to adults with a progressive life-limiting illness who require symptom management, psychological or social support. We encourage those with a recent diagnosis to access the HUB which is open every Monday (except Bank Holidays).

We encourage early referral to evaluate patients who can benefit from the Hospice facilities at an appropriate point in their disease trajectory. For example, patients can attend soon after diagnosis and receive psychological support, help, advice and then return at a later stage when their needs may be different to access further help and support.

Stockton Day Services can cater for up to 18 people per day who are visiting for a whole day to access the full range of services, although some people prefer to make an out-patient appointment and come to access just one specific service such as an aromatherapy massage. All services are provided free of charge to anyone who has been accepted for care from the Hospice.

The HUB is open each Monday between 9.30am and 12.30pm or 1pm and 4pm. People can simply drop in during these times and can bring a friend or relative with them if they choose. For more information about The HUB at Butterwick please follow the link on the left of this page.


Patients experience a welcoming environment at Butterwick, with friendly, professional staff and well trained dedicated volunteers. Anyone accessing care from Butterwick Hospice can take advantage of the specialist services which are all available free of charge. 

To access care from Butterwick Hospice a referral should be made by a member of the normal care team such as the GP, District Nurse or Consultant. Details of the referral criteria and process is available in the link to the left.

Day Services are available Monday to Friday, however, on particular days the Day Services Department caters for people with particular needs. 

Monday's are when our HUB is available to people who are newly diagnosed with a life limiting illness. People are encouraged to visit to find out what services and support is available to them and their loved ones.

MND First Contact Support Group

On Fridays we cater specificallyfor people with Motor Neurone Disease. Our MND First Contact Support Group is open to patients and their carers between 9.30am to 12.30pm and 1pm to 4pm. The group is run in partnership with the local MND Association and the MND Nurse Specialist from James Cook University Hospital. This service has been nationally recognised for its innovation, quality and benefits to the patients who attend by the NHS Bright Ideas in Healthcare awards.

The service was awarded in the Innovations in Healthcare category and recognised for working in close partnership with the NHS and MNDA to bring specific benefits for our MND patients and their family and carers.

Tuesday to Thursday we offer a range of day services to people with varied diagnoses. 

Day Care provides an opportunity to talk to the specialist clinical team who can provide help and advice with symptom management.

It is also a great opportunity to meet people with similar challenges. This helps to alleviate fears and feelings of isolation. The Day Services Department offers an infomal social environment where you can chat, meet new friends, get help and advice for yourself and your loved ones and participate in lots of diversional therapies, activities and treatments.

Complementary therapies are provided as an integral part of the treatments available. These therapies are administered by qualified and experienced practitioners. Complementary therapies help to relieve symptoms such as pain, stress, anxiety and sleeplessness. You can learn more about the Complementary Therapies treatments the Hospice therapists provide by following the link on the left of this page.

A physiotherapist attends the facility to help people who are struggling with mobility problems.

Several creative therapies are also freely available which are very popular with people attending Day Services. Our volunteer creative therapists help those wishing to participate to develop crafts and artistic projects as gifts for family and friends.

If you would like more information about Day Services at Stockton please contact the Day Hospice Sister on 01642 607742.