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Organising an event or doing an activity for Butterwick Hospice Care is a great way to have a fun time with friends and family whilst giving back to a local charity. We all need an excuse to get together, enjoy ourselves and let our hair down, doing this, while raising money for Butterwick means you get the bonus of knowing you will also be helping support children and adults in your local area. As we need to fund 70% of our work we really need your support to help us do this. We can only continue to provide our services free to those in need thanks to people like you. All your fundraising efforts are greatly appreciated.

Whatever you decide to do for Butterwick we will support you every step of the way. Here are some ideas to get you started!

TV Bingo: Pick your favourite programme and pick a word you know will be said a few times, Get a group of friends to bet how many times the word will be said, all pay £1 per guess. At the end of the programme, the winner gets a small prize and you have raised some funds for Butterwick Hospice Care.

Themed Dinners: Invite your best cooking buddies to hold a series of dinner parties, each ‘guest’ pays a contribution for the meal and a donation to Butterwick. At the end of each meal score, each course in secret and at the end of the dinners give a small prize for best starter, best main course, best dessert etc.

Abseil: Do you enjoy the thrill of extreme challenges? Why not sign up to abseil down a local building or from a local landmark.

Race Nights: A night at the races is a fantastic fundraising idea and a great way to spend the evening. All of your club members, family and friends can pick a horse from the runners in the programme, a horse name they like or their favourite number. Whichever one they think will win the race. If they are lucky, they can collect their winning prize money!!

Comedy Nights: Get ready for some top-notch comedy fun with a mixed bill of some of the finest, funniest and delightfully excellent comedians around.

Fayres: Do you know many crafty people? Bring your local crafters together at a community hall and show off all the wonderful craft items, along with tombola/raffle.

Bake Off: Fan of the Great British Bake Off? Why not recreate with your own fruity twist.

Coffee Morning: Bring together your friends, family and the local community to enjoy freshly poured coffee and a scone or two.

Band Night: Up for a good night with some local bands? Get everyone together to enjoy local music and a raffle.

Book Sale: Collect as many books as possible to sell on at work, to friends or combine with a coffee morning.

Come Dine With Me: Fan of the show? Why not recreate with friends, family and a huge dollop full of laughter.

Football Match: Get sponsored to play 5 a side football with friends, family or friendly rivals.

3 Peaks Challenge: The Three Peaks (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon) are the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales. The challenge is to climb each of these three peaks – one after the other!

Coast to Coast walk or ride: Follow in Wainwright’s footsteps, or plan your own route? This can be done in one swift swoop, or over several weekends.

Dress Down Days: Themed days at work are always fun throughout the year! We can provide a list of seasonal/generic themes to get you started!

Cake Stalls: Make some cakes, and sell them to your friends and family. A brilliant and fun way to raise funds and get kids involved too!

Coffee Morning: Host a coffee morning for your friends, paying money for each cuppa you have! A great way to have fun and support the Hospice

Hadrians Wall Walk: 84 miles from Solway Firth to Wallsend. Tackle this long-distance walk!

Rags to Riches: How much money can your team generate in 12 weeks, with a £10 starter?

“Give a Gift” days: Collect unwanted gifts from friends and family, and donate/use them for raffles!

Pint to Pint: Walk from your favourite watering hole to another, enjoying pints at every stop in between!

Style Challenge: Can your team take on the challenge of finding awesome clothes from Charity Shops, and organising your very own fashion show and then selling the items to the audience?

Pier to Pier, or Bridge to Bridge: A lovely way to theme a walk, following coastal paths, or cross the bridges when you come to them!

Pitch to Pitch: Get from your favourite football/cricket/rugby pitch to your team mate’s rival clubs!

Sponsored Walk: Do you have a local park, beck or reservoir that you could round up your family and friends and get sponsored for walking around it so many times? You could even theme this event, maybe fancy dress?

Car Wash: Will your family and neighbours allow you to wash their car to raise funds?

Beard Month: One just for the men… How much of a beard can you grow in one month and can you stand to keep it for a while?

Tough Mudder: The strength of one person is nothing compared to the power of a team. Tough Mudder’s full lineup of team-oriented obstacles guarantees that you’ll cross the finish line with more friends than you started with. Whether it’s through a helping hand or an extra vote of confidence, your fellow Mudders will be there for you every step of the way. Whether you arrive solo or with a team, all you need to come with is the strength to leave your fears in the parking lot and the willingness to push the boundaries of your comfort zone.

For more information or to apply for any Tough Mudder please use the link:

If you have any questions or need further help or advice, please contact Fundraising on 01642 628930 for Stockton or 01388 660644 for Bishop Auckland.

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