Does your company have what it takes to make something out of nothing?

Does your business have what it takes to turn nothing into something?

Is your team up for a challenge?

Do you want that extra feel good factor for supporting your local Hospice?

If you have answered YES to any of the above, then this challenge is for you!

What’s it all about?

You will have just 10 weeks to raise as much money as you can for Butterwick Hospice Care.

You can do this in what ever way you choose (just keep it legal) – but the more creative the better (there may be a prize in it)

Need to kickstart your fundraising pot? Why not support Butterwick Hospice Care by hosting a Christmas Jumper Day this festive season. For everyone that wears a Christmas jumper/top/tie/socks – ask them to donate. You can then re-invest the funds to increase the donations you raise during the ten week challenge period.

What’s in it for you?

Our Corporate Charity Challenge is a great opportunity to focus your fundraising efforts in a way that motivates, inspires and challenges your team. It’s great for team-building, collaboration, competitiveness and creativity.

It is also a really positive and fun way to demonstrate your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

What kind of things can you do?

You can do ANYTHING, as long as it is legal! The point of the challenge is to invest, then to keep re-investing to get the biggest return possible.

It is totally up to you what you choose to do, but here are some ideas….

  • Earn ‘Butterwick Bucks’
    • Get your staff to sign up to the lottery
    • Sign up to ‘pennies from heaven’
    • Become a regular donor
  • Join Captain Tom and walk across Britain in the office
  • Create a company cook book to sell
  • Have a ‘Brew for Butterwick’
  • Hold an ‘old school sports day’
  • Dress down days / Fancy Dress days
  • The list is endless……

Next Steps…

Join in the fun, don’t delay, get in touch today.

Contact [email protected]  to register your interest now!