Wallis Waffle May 2018

Finally after what seemed at times like the longest winter it appears that we may have seen the last of the Beast from the East and we have seen a glimmer of springtime.

The road verges are beginning to show some colour other than brown and grey, with the sunshine yellow of daffodils raising their heads and the adorable sound of birdsong starting to fill the garden.

Spring has felt very late to arrive this year but now it’s here it appears my energy levels are awakening. Tasks that seemed too much hard work on misty grey days or dark damp evenings are now easily accomplished when I  can travel to and from work in the daylight and have started to feel  the heat of the sun on my skin.

I have started to go through the process of decluttering the accumulation of goods we have amalgamated over the past year or so.  This can be a challenge as I have to ignore the voice in my head that says ‘yes but it might come in useful at some point’ with the reality that it is very unlikely that anyone in my home is going to use the foot spa that I discovered covered in dust at in the bottom of my wardrobe. However I am determined to make some progress and to date have filled a couple of black sacks with bits and pieces. Some of which will eventually make their way to Butterwick Hospice Care.

Butterwick has 12 shops based throughout the region that are in need of good quality items.  If you are in the process of spring cleaning or decluttering your home and find you have items you no longer need, please consider donating them to your local charity shop.  The funds these good raise help support all the work of Butterwick Hospice Care who can only   continue to provide our services free of charge due to the generosity of our local community. Thank you to everyone who supports this vital work.

Mon 14th May 2018

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