Wallis Waffle Birthdays

It only seems like two minutes since I was attending my group of friend’s 18th parties and as the youngest in the group trying to make myself look older, so I wouldn’t be asked for ID.  I now spend quite a lot more time and money trying to make myself look younger! Birthdays are on my mind at the moment as this weekend I have been invited to my uncle’s 80th birthday party. Later in the year I am going to friend’s 50th party and I am currently trying to plan a 21st birthday party for my rather reluctant son.   Also this September it will be Butterwick Hospice Care’s Children’s Hospice  25thanniversary, so we are busy planning a big birthday bash to help celebrate that incredible event too.

I have been reflected on why I really love a birthday party, obviously you always must have cake (no matter what diet I am supposed to be following, birthday cake has to be eaten!) and you get to spend time with your family and favourite people. I think I also love them as for me it is a time to celebrate one person and show them how important they are to me and everyone who loves them. Birthday parties are often a way for people to get together to make memories.  I am sure we all have those unfortunate photographs of ourselves with a dodgy haircut surrounded by balloons, cake and candles with our nearest and dearest.

Making good memories, sometimes in moments of personal darkness is one of the things we try to do at Butterwick Hospice Care. We try and make good memories for our patients and their families, giving them time to share feelings and emotions with those most precious to them.  We do this in a number of ways, using simple things like helping create memory boxes or memory books to more imaginative ways, organising weddings and blessings, bringing in favourite pets (we have even had a sheep in the hospice). Really anything that we can think of that will bring happiness and creates a positive feeling of wellbeing and a lasting good memory.

Providing lasting memories is just one small part of the care we offer to those who most need our support, but it a much appreciated one, and its part of our service that we take very seriously.

We continue to provide our services free of charge due to the generosity of our local community. Thank you to everyone who supports this vital work.

Wed 30th May 2018

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