Wallis Waffle 28th October 2019

This weekend the clocks went back and in theory, we all had an extra hour in bed. That is unless you have small children who can’t read the time and wake up as per their normal hour. Unfortunately for my ‘baby’ (twenty-two next month), he slept through his alarm and the phone call from his colleagues, so was 30 minutes late to work!  

The weekends when the clock changes always make me think about all the people who do shift work. Due to my role I sometimes have early starts, sometimes late finishes, but fortunately I have never had a role where I have had to work shifts. I have found the older I get the more difficult it is for me to adjust to the clocks changing from British summertime and vice versa. After all these years you would have thought I’d be able to adjust, I do, but it just seems to take longer now than it did.

At Butterwick Hospice Care we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our dedicated team of nurses, doctors, counsellors, physiotherapists, complementary therapists and supporting staff all deliver high-quality care to our patients and their families at a time and in a place that is right for them. Whilst most people think that our work is carried out at the hospice that is only a small percentage of the work we do, we go out to homes, schools and the local community to provide our services. We continue to offer all our services free of charge because we believe every moment counts, we can only fulfil this vision through the generous support of local people and businesses within our local community

Less than a third of our costs are funded by the NHS. We are dependent upon local support to generate the rest of the money it takes to run the charity. We offer a wide variety of ways people can support our work, through our lottery, selling goods, volunteering attending events or raising funds. We are highly dependent upon regular support and are always grateful for all that we receive. 

Butterwick Hospice Care is very aware of how privileged we are to be able to work with local families, it is an honour and one we take very seriously. The support of those within our local community is essential. For more details about how to support the work of Butterwick Hospice Care please call 01642 607742 or 01388 603003 or go to www.butterwick.org.uk

Jo Wallis

Head of Fundraising & Marketing

Butterwick Hospice Care

Mon 28th October 2019

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