Wallis Waffle 3rd October 2019

This last few weeks I have experienced lots of changes. Within the team we have had people coming back from maternity leave, people starting and people leaving. It has been a mix of hellos and goodbyes.   Some changes are difficult and I sometimes find goodbyes particularly challenging but it’s always good to see people move on into a new opportunity whether that’s a new career, a promotion or even a new home. On a personal front I am also experiencing change as my youngest nephew is just about to go off to University. As I have changed nappies, watched first steps and taken him to school, even though its an incredible exciting opportunity for him, it is a reminder that everything does change, including my age.

One thing I have learnt in my time at Butterwick Hospice that doesn’t change is the brilliant work our volunteers do every day to help the hospice provide care and funds to provide our specialist services.  We have estimated that the work volunteers do saves the Hospice over £1million each year, which is incredible.  Volunteers carry out many different roles across the organisation, some performing more than one role and some choosing to give a regular amount of time each week.  Many volunteers become specialists, choosing to support a particular activity, others are happy to do a variety of different tasks.  Some people join us for a day, others for a few weeks and others have been volunteering for years.

Every single one of our amazing team of volunteers helps to continue the legacy of our inspirational founder Mary Butterwick, OBE.  They are a key part of our team that delivers the difference to all our patients and their families within our local community.

Whatever the reason, people choose to join us as a volunteer, we work hard to understand each person’s motivation.   We are really committed to trying to help our volunteers achieve their aim through the available roles they can fill and the skills they can bring.

I am always humbled to meet the people from all different walks of life give their precious time, skills, experience and expertise to Butterwick Hospice Care. Some are motivated help to give back to a charity that is important to them, some have a drive to support their local community, some individuals are looking to add skills and experience onto their CV, and others simply want the opportunity to meet new people.

These wonderful people are part of the life blood of Butterwick Hospice Care and we are incredibly grateful.  We work together as a team to ensure the Hospice continues to serve local people, making sure every moment counts and when adding days to life is no longer an option that we add life to days.

We are always looking for more volunteers, as this allows us to work with more people who need our support. If you would like to know more about volunteering for Butterwick Hospice and the many varied roles that are available please contact the Voluntary Services Department on 01642 607742 or please visit our website at www.butterwick.org.uk/volunteer

For more details about how to support the work of Butterwick Hospice Care please call 01642 607742 or 01388 603003 or go to www.butterwick.org.uk

Jo Wallis

Head of Fundraising & Marketing

Butterwick Hospice Care

Mon 3rd October 2019

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