Wallis Waffle 18th February 2020

I have recently been reading various articles that state that if you appreciate what you have it helps you focus on what’s important and therefore, the less you clutter your mind with inconsequentiality’s.  As someone whose brain likes to wake them up at 2 am worrying out of proportion about trivial things, I understand I should spend more time on focusing on what’s really important. Over the past few days I have been counting my blessings.  I know I am very fortunate in the role I do at Butterwick; I have the opportunity to meet lots of different people, patients, staff, volunteers, donors and supporters. I am also given lots of occasions to talk about the hospice and share how important the work we do is. No two days are ever the same as the saying goes ‘variety is the spice of life’. In the past week alone I have; represented the hospice at a dinner, spoken in front of businesses, taken pictures of various delicious valentine treats and been a witness at a civil ceremony.

However sometimes, the world can seem to be a very dark place. Instead of being able to enjoy the different opportunities that come our way, they can feel overwhelming.  Being able to be logical, rational and keep everything in perspective is great, but at times we can all struggle to do this.  I firmly believe that everything we do as a hospice has incredible benefits to those whose lives we touch. However, one the areas that is very close to my heart is our family support department. These teams of professional skilled counsellors work with our patients and their families to help them clear away the smoke and mirrors to see things clearly again. Within a safe environment they give permission to people to allow themselves to be themselves.  We provide a space, place and time where people are able to remove the mask (that we all wear at times) free of judgement.

I really hope you and your loved ones never need to access our services, but I also know that if you do it’s vital that we are here to continue to provide love, care and support if you need us.

Please if you can, give today. We can only continue our mission with your generous donations and support. If you can give please do, whether it’s a donation, taking part in our events, your time or your support.

On behalf of everyone you have helped or will allow us to help through your kind support of Butterwick Hospice Care thank you.

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