Wallis Waffle 15th April 2020

Last weekend was Easter and for many of us, it was a rather unique one. Rather than visiting people and having our normal family Easter traditions, I was at home with my husband and son playing board games to stop us being bored.  It certainly gave me time to reflect on things. I think a lot of us have more time for reflection at the moment. Whether you are self-isolating, trying to work from home or simply carrying on as a key worker life has definitely changed for the majority of us.

At a time like this, collectively the majority of people know that by virtually coming together (whilst physically distancing) we can support each other through these incredibly challenging times. One of the things that has struck me most over the past month is the amazing level of community spirit that has been demonstrated.  Whether that’s people joining every Thursday to clap for carers,  people shopping for vulnerable friends and family to  every house in our street having a rainbow in the window (whether or not they have small children) At the hospice we have received numerous calls of support, people offering food, equipment and even a delivery of blankets for patients families. 

It is a very difficult time to be involved in care and we as an organisation need to ensure we keep everyone safe, nurses, patients, volunteers and staff.  As a charity, Butterwick Hospice Care  spends every penny we raise on our services. We have faced a sharp drop in our income over the past month, closing our charity shops and with the cancellation of events, we estimate that to date due to the global pandemic we have lost income of around £100,000.  We welcome the support so far that has been mentioned but like everyone else we are working through the details to understand what we can receive help with. However, our need to look after patients is urgent, understandably during this crisis we are receiving an increase in demand for our services.

That’s why today I am using this article to ask you if you can possibly to give a donation today. An outpouring of community support at this moment will help Butterwick hospice ensure we are able to continue to support those that need us most.  We must ensure that we can meet our commitment to the community and the people we serve, but we cannot continue to do this without your generosity in these challenging times. Please if you can donate today.


Many of you will never have the privilege of meeting the people who will benefit from your support. Please may I take this opportunity to thank you of their behalf.

Take Care and Stay Safe

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