Mothers Day 2018

Last weekend was Mother’s Day, the shops were full of cards, flowers and gifts so that those of us still able to say ‘thank you’ to the special lady in our lives could. Seeing lots of young men, in the supermarket on Sunday, making a ‘just in time’ purchase made me smile and reflect on why we seem to need special days in our calendar when we can thank those we love for all they do for us.

I can hear the ‘it’s just commercialism gone mad or ‘just a way of keeping florists and card-shops in a job’ voices and to some degree I do agree, sometimes we all  get too caught up in the how much we need to get way of thinking rather than carefully selecting a  gift with some thought behind it!

However on the other hand something rather wonderful happened on my social media pages, with friends and families sharing lovely images of mums and grandmothers surrounded by the special people in their lives. Some of these ‘mums’ were a large part of my childhood but are no longer part of my everyday life, but it was wonderful to see them. And whilst we shouldn’t restrict expressing our feelings of love and thanks to one or two days a year, having a special day does give us a united focus so that every mum or grand mum knows at least once a year that they are the ‘best in the world’.

For some this Mother’s Day will have been very difficult, some will have faced this day without a parent to celebrate and spoil. It can be a sad and lonely day when you feel everyone has a reason to have fun and celebrate with a loved one and you don’t.

At Butterwick Hospice Care our incredible team often provide support to those who are in the process of losing or have lost a loved one. They take the time to listen to the incredibly personal stories, they share the moments of joy and often are there at some of the darkest times. The team    provide our services free of charge due to the generosity of our local community. Thank you to everyone who supports this vital work.

Mon 14th May 2018

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