COVID-19 Emergency Urgent Appeal

During these unprecedented times, when many people are worried about loved ones, we want to reach out to all our supporters and say you are not alone.

Butterwick Hospice Care has been supporting local people for 36 years and at this time of unparalleled need we can’t stop now!  We are exploring various ways that we can support our local community through these difficult times. Our team of nurses are delivering care and support to the terminally ill in their own homes. We currently have a small team working with NHS England to transfer palliative patients into the Hospice, in order to free up hospital beds, so that their specialist teams can treat those with the Coronavirus.  It is crucial that we can continue to care for the dying and support their families, especially at this time when care elsewhere is overwhelmingly stretched.

Like other charities, the pandemic has had a huge impact on our ability to raise money.  Due to the Government restrictions in place, our shops are shut and all events have been postponed meaning we have lost 100% of these critical funds. In addition, we anticipate all our income will be significantly affected during the restrictions surrounding COVID-19, due to an unprecedented change in the way we are able to generate funds.  We are not a cash rich charity; all of our income goes towards providing our services free of charge to those in need.  Today we need to ask you for your help, we urgently need donations to allow our hospice to keep caring. Without your support, it will have a devastating impact on the services we can provide.

Life limiting illnesses are indiscriminate and have no boundaries of age, wealth, or lifestyle and no-one knows when they may impact on their lives or those of a loved one, family member, or friend. They don’t stop because there is a global pandemic and the care people need will not wait until this is over. People with terminal illnesses, their families and their carers need us now more than ever.

A gift of whatever you can give today would make a huge difference, during this crisis.

We need to ensure that care is available, irrespective of diagnosis or circumstance to all who need it.

At Butterwick Hospice Care we want to ensure that we can meet our commitment to the community and the people we serve, making every day the best it can be for them and their families.  We cannot continue to do this without your generosity in these challenging times.

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