Birthday Treats

Last week it was my birthday and as a special birthday treat I was given a day at a Spa. As part of the Spa day experience I was given a soothing back massage which I thoroughly enjoyed.  All my tension knots were kneaded and manipulated with skill.  When it was finished I was completely relaxed and chilled out, ready to float home.

This experience made me reflect on how important massage and complimentary therapy is as part the service Butterwick Hospice Care offers to patients and carers. The power of our skilled expert complimentary therapists to help ease pain in patients or relax an over exhausted carer is incredible. Walking past the therapy rooms when the door is open and smelling the delicious aromas of essential oils is a personal highlight of my day. Last year the team delivered over 5000 treatments to our patients and their carers, thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

Providing complimentary therapy is just one small part of the care we offer to those who most need our support, but it is a much appreciated one, and its part of our service that we take very seriously. Following the vision, of our inspirational founder Mary Butterwick, we continue to provide all our services free of charge due to the generosity of our local community.

Butterwick Hospice Care has a number of different ways we raise income to pay for the services we supply. Most people are aware of the charity shops we run, our fundraising activities and lottery but many are still unaware of our holistic centre Seven WellBeing which is based beside the Butterwick Hospice behind North Tees Hospital.  All profits from Seven WellBeing Centre directly support the work of Butterwick Hospice Care. The centre runs a wide variety of courses and offers a full range of beauty and complimentary therapy treatments.  So if you are looking for a treat for someone special or you normally go to a local business for your beauty needs please consider contacting Seven Wellbeing to make an appointment or purchase a gift voucher. It’s a win win, you will have the joy of giving or receiving a fantastic treatment and the pleasure of knowing you are also helping provide desperately needed services to your local community.

For more details of Seven Wellbeing Centre call 01642 662785

For more details about Butterwick Hospice Care call 01642 607742 or 01388 603003 or go to

Mon 3rd Sep 2018

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