Butterwick Hospice welcomes it’s newest member of staff!

Michelle Ball recently joined Butterwick as our new Business Engagement Executive. Michelle joined us following 20 years within Education sector.

So why the Butterwick, its such a monumental change, or is it?

To answer that Michelle shared her story. “As so many other people in the Tees Valley, Butterwick Hospice Care touched my heart 18 years ago. Before then, I didn’t really know or understand what a hospice was, never mind what Butterwick Hospice Care actually did for families in our community. My Mam became poorly with Bowel Cancer. But although scary for the whole family, it meant an operation, a bit of chemotherapy and she would be fine… and indeed she was for around 3 years (it’s a bit of blur). But, one day whilst on a day out, I noticed her flinching with pain and I realised she was ill again.
This time we weren’t so lucky, this time the treatment didn’t help, this time she became very poorly, this time she didn’t get better. It was then I found out about Butterwick Hospice Care, it was a place for mam to go for a rest, to get the best level of care. It was somewhere that Dad could get support. It was on the first day when we all walked through the doors as a family that I realised just how fabulous the team was and still is.

This brings me to today. Recently I saw the vacancy being advertised via a post on Linked In and made the decision to apply.”

If you are part of a local business and would like to know about how you can work in partnership with Butterwick Hospice Care please do get in touch with Michelle on 01642 628930. Or email [email protected]

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