What would you do with £1500?


What would you do with £1500?

That’s the key question I have been asking myself this week.  Would I spend it on shoes? (my favourite thing) or would I have a holiday? Pay off my sons’ overdraft? Or save it for a rainy day?

First prize in the Butterwick Hospice Care summer raffle is £1500, and we have had lots of entries so far, though there is still time to enter. I am sure many people have bought tickets as they want to win, but many have bought them to support the work Butterwick Hospice does. Sales from our raffle help pay for all our services. Unlike some charities Butterwick Hospice Care is not cash rich.  Every penny we raise we spend. As an organisation we need to raise around 70% of our funds through the support of local people and businesses.  We are very proud of the fact that we offer all our services free of charge. We can only continue to do so thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporters.

Butterwick Hospice Care works across the Bishop Auckland, Stockton, Weardale, Teesdale and Sedgefield areas.  We are a local community hospice committed to helping people in our community who need our support at often the most difficult of times. We believe that every moment counts, and add life to days when adding days to life is no longer possible.

Most of our supporters will never have the privilege of meeting the [people who are benefiting from their generosity. I am in a very fortunate position as I meet many people who access our services, I often hear how great our service teams are and sometimes I receive thanks on behalf of grateful families and friends who has experienced at first-hand how we work with people.  This week I spent some time with a group of children who have been attending one of our bereavement groups. Interacting with this group of young people, decorating biscuits, it was really easy to forget that they all shared one common bond, they had all lost someone very close to them. Being part of this group allowed them to explore and express feelings and emotions without judgement. Seeing how play was used to work through very difficult challenges and experiences was truly humbling.

Sometimes the activities we do to generate income to help pay for our services feel very separate but this week it feels very apt. Winning £1500 would certainly allow a lucky someone to follow a dream and buy many gifts. But every raffle ticket that is bought is not just a chance to win a prize, it is also the opportunity to give someone an incredible gift.

Anything you are doing or plan to do to support our work is appreciated as it is only through this continued support that Butterwick Hospice Care can continue to provide our vital support to our local community.

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