Tree Planting Service
Starts 12:00 Sat 15th Dec 2018
Ends 16:00 Sat 15th Dec 2018
Location Newham Grange Park

Tree Planting Service

Image of Tree Planting Service

Tree Planting

Planting a tree is a lasting way to remember a loved one or a special occasion.

Every year we help people to plant trees at Butterwick Wood in Newham Grange Park to mark a special occasion or to remember a loved one.

There are a number of native tree species to choose from including Oak, Field Maple, or Rowan .Unfortunately, we are unable to attach tributes such as plaques etc to the trees.

We have preset dates when we can meet with you and the Park Ranger. You can choose to plant a tree yourself or one of the Park Rangers can do this on your behalf.

Planting a tree is a lovely and lasting way to mark a special occasion or the life of a special person. There is a small charge to plant a tree of £25 which covers the cost of the tree and includes a donation to the work of the Hospice.

You can find out more information or arrange to plant a tree by contacting the fundraising office in Stockton on 01642 628930 or email [email protected]