Do you have a funky feline or a gorgeous guinea pig? Be part of the North East’s biggest virtual pet show all from the comfort of your own home.

The last few months have reminded us all how important it is having someone to love close to home. Our pets can be our companions, protectors or friends. We want to help celebrate how important these magnificent animals are to all of us. It’s so easy to get involved, you get to share how important the one you love is you while helping us to care for others loved ones. With lots of fun categories to enter and prizes up for grabs, along with the chance of your pet being crowned the Butterwick Best in Show, there is something for everyone!

Entries close on 30th November 2020 and will be judged by a panel of independent adjudicators. Winners will be announced week commencing 2nd December 2020

Entry couldn’t be simpler – Choose your categories, complete the online registration form, upload your photographs and pay your entry fee.

We can’t wait to see all of your fluffy friends, precious pets and crazy critters!

Categories – £5 per category per pet to enter

Best Babies –  Puppies, kitten, lambs, foals and all the other delightful new-borns under 1 years old.
Best small pet – Any animal under 30cm in height when on 4 legs / or a fish / bird etc
Best large pet – Any animal over 120cm in height when on 4 legs
Most unusual pet – Do you own a snake, a giant land snail, an alpaca or something even more unusual?
Most Sassy – Have you got a feline with Catitude or a brazen bunny rabbit. We want to know why your pets are full of sass!
Best Rescue Pet – Did you give your pet their forever home when they were down on their luck, tell us their story
Nicest Smile – Do you own a grinning guinea pig or a happy hound? We want to see those amazing smiles
Best Bad Hair Day – Do you have a scruffy haired pooch or a parrot with a mohawk?
Best 6 legs – Pet and owner category – Show us your pictures of you with your animals, maybe you even look alike or your baby and puppy are best of friends.
Best pet lookalike – Do you have a horse that looks like Harry Styles, a Dog that looks like Dappy or a ram that looks like Rambo?

Terms and conditions of virtual best in show (open here)

Categories – £5 per category you enter for your pet

Past event – online application form removed