Light up a Life 2020

Take time to remember and celebrate those you love 

Christmas is a time for reflection and this year, your reflections are likely to be even more meaningful than ever. 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone in our community and you and your loved ones are no different. 

We recognise the grief you and your family have experienced this year. Be that the loss of a loved one, the loss of opportunity, or the loss of the achievements you had set for the year. One thing we share with you however, is hope. Hope that things can and will continue and that by supporting one another things will get better.

Christmas is an opportunity for remembrance, a time to come together as a community to support each other. In order for Butterwick Hospice Care to be there to support you, your family and your loved ones, we in turn need your help to allow us to keep caring. 

Every life is a precious gift. Some lives a are long and full of wonderful stories, and others are much shorter, but every single one leaves a lasting impression in the world and should be celebrated.  

This Christmas, you can transform a person’s life by giving the compassionate gift of care. Your gift could provide bereavement care for a grieving family, specialist nursing care and education for very sick children or dignified care for people coming to the end if their life. 

No one should face grief alone, no one should die alone without love, and no one should have to feel helpless whilst watching their loved one slip away. Everyone in our community is a special gift. They deserve to be safe, cared for, and loved. That’s why we work tirelessly across the North East to bring this vision to life. A gift from you will allow us to be there, when no one else is, ensuring people just like you are not alone.

We provide care around the clock, even at Christmas, for those who need us. A Christmas gift will help families in their darkest of times, offering them support but most importantly, hope.

  • £7 could ensure that bereaved children can make special memories with their loved ones this Christmas
  • £22 could provide a nurse to care for a patient for an hour on Christmas Day
  • £35 could provide emotional support for someone facing their first Christmas alone after losing a loved one. 
  • £50 could help someone coming to the end of their life to stay at home this Christmas  

With this in mind, you are warmly invited to dedicate a light on our special ‘Light up a Life’ tree to remember and celebrate your loved ones this season. This is your opportunity to remember and celebrate all of those you love and hold dear to you. 

This year, we will place your dedications on our beautifully decorated tree here at the hospice and we will provide you with ‘Dedication Stars’ to hang on your own tree at home.  Once you have registered, by returning the form below, we will send you a very special Light Up a Life Pack, complete with Order of Service, Tea Light and your ‘Dedication Stars’ for your own tree.  

Join us, as together we remember all of those who have lit up your life, those most special to you and those who continue to inspire you. 

Due to current restrictions we would like to invite you to join us virtually for our Light up a Life Ceremony, which will be available  via our Facebook page from 4pm Sunday 13th December 2020 at www.facebook.com/ButterwickHospice.

To donate a light/lights to a loved one please complete the registration form below (you can make up to 5 dedications) :

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