We all hope that 2021 will bring with it some relief from what has been an extremely challenging year. To start the new year on a positive note, Butterwick Hospice Care will be planting ‘new life’ in February 2021. Plant a tree in our ‘Wood of Remembrance’ to stand as a symbol of hope for the future and growth in the years to come.

The Wood is situated in Newham Grange Park, which is just a short walk away from our Stockton Hospice. This project is a perfect opportunity to give back to the community by supporting Butterwick Hospice Care and also gives you a chance to help the environment. For just £25, You can enjoy the beautiful experience of planting the tree and watching it grow over the years, inspiring hope in your life and providing a peaceful place to rest and reflect for you and for many others.

You could plant the tree on behalf of someone you hold close to your heart
You can enjoy a place to reflect on treasured memories with someone you love and share them with others who might join you on your visit to the Remembrance Wood.

You could give a tree as a special gift to someone you love
Trees provide a beautiful and calming place to relax, read a book, or take a picnic on a warm summer’s day. The presence of a tree can help provide thought provoking ideas and clarity, connecting you with nature.

You could plant a tree to encourage hope in your community.
A tree provides a significant amount of benefits to the environment, wildlife and for people. Trees take in harmful emissions and provide oxygen. In addition to this, a tree can serve as food and a habitat for wildlife, help prevent erosion, help clean the groundwater, serve as a windbreak, and provide shade and shelter. Trees also beautify the surroundings and make the world a much more enjoyable place for current and future generations.

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