Floating Thoughts
Starts 18:00 Sat 1st Sep 2018
Ends 22:00 Sat 1st Sep 2018
Location Hardwick Country Park, Sedgefield
Type of event Memorial

Floating Thoughts

Image of Floating Thoughts

Registration has now closed for this event. You are more than welcome to come along on the night with your donation to dedicate a lantern to a loved one.

On Saturday 1st September, as the sun sets, we will be floating hundreds of lanterns on the lake at Hardwick Park.

When someone dies, it is only natural that we seek ways of remembering them.  At the hospice, we have a new event that gives people the opportunity to remember a loved one in a meaningful and sensitive way.  This is our summer remembrance event, Floating Thoughts.

Floating Thoughts is a moving and supportive evening in remembrance of our loved ones.  People are invited to write a message to someone special on a floating, candle lit lantern.  The lantern is then floated out into the lake at sunset. We plan to hold this event every summer, to gather together and with gentle background music as we stand together as the sun goes down, watching the lanterns float out into the lake.

It is a special occasion and, as we stand together, we realise that we are not alone in missing someone close to us.  There is a feeling of great support as we remember those no longer with us and celebrate the impact they had on our lives.  This event is open to everyone in the community, whether you or your loved ones have had any contact with Butterwick Hospice or not.

In exchange for a donation to the hospice, you are welcome to join us at Hardwick Park. Our inaugural event takes place on Saturday 1st September.  

By taking part in Floating Thoughts, not only are you remembering someone special in a truly unique way, your donation will also help Butterwick Hospice to care for local people today and into the future.  It is a beautiful way to honour a memory and make a difference in your community.

Parking for the event will be available at Hardwick Park and there may be a small parking charge.

 Please note that the candles are battery-powered to withstand a summer shower or breeze, but in the event of heavy rain or strong winds the event may be postponed.