Regular Giving

The most caring gift you can give to families just like yours.
Help us add life to days, when adding days to life is no longer possible

Every moment counts for you, your family, colleagues, neighbours and friends. By making a regular donation you can support us to meet our commitment to you and your community. With your help, we can make every day the best it can be for those with a terminal illness.

Terminal illnesses are indiscriminate and have no boundaries of age, wealth or lifestyle and no one knows when it may impact on their lives or those of a loved one, family member or friend. At Butterwick Hospice Care we can’t cure the disease; however, we can improve the life of those who have that illness and support them to have the best life possible in the time they have left.

Butterwick Hospice provides end of life care, holistic therapy and family support to patients with life limiting illness and their families. Our dedicated team provide high quality, specialist care to our patients and support to their loved ones when they need us the most. We provide care for babies, children and adults, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year completely free of charge.

It costs around £10,000 per day to deliver our hospice services. It is only with your support that we can continue to provide crucial care to families like yours. At Butterwick Hospice Care we add life to days when adding days to life is no longer possible.

By giving a regular gift you become the driving force behind everything we do. A regular gift allows us to plan for the future. Knowing we have a steady income stream, that helps us plan with confidence, allows us to prepare and be there for all those that need us in the years ahead.

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