What is Family Support Anyway?

Wed 10th Aug 2016

Image of What is Family Support Anyway?

In this week’s blog we take a look at the Family Support Team at Butterwick’s Bishop Auckland Hospice who are all qualified experienced family support workers and counsellors.

The name, Family Support Team, could suggest all sorts of expertise from helping people to make ends meet financially to helping people be better parents, but in the case of Butterwick Hospice it is neither of those things.

The Family Support team at Butterwick Hospice helps people to manage their way through the multitude of powerful emotions that affect people after experiencing loss and bereavement.

Losing a person you love is one of the most challenging experiences most of us will ever encounter. To lose a husband or wife, son or daughter, beloved partner or grandparent or even a best friend is a hard thing to cope with. It causes us to ask ourselves many questions we don’t know the answers to and makes us experience emotions that are much more powerful than we are used to or that we anticipate.

Navigating your way through the effects of illness, loss and bereavement can be very difficult to do on your own, because everyone is an individual we all experience this journey in our own particular way.

Butterwick Hospice at Bishop Auckland’s Family Support Team are a group of more than 20 skilled and experienced staff and volunteers who are able to help people of all ages, including children, to process the many feelings and emotions they are challenged with when they have lost someone close to them.

The Family Support service is free to access once a referral has been accepted and the difference it makes to those who access this support is marked and much appreciated.

These are just a few comments received by the Hospice from people who had accessed help from the Hospice team.

  • It is wonderful to know there are such people like you [Butterwick Hospice Family Support Team] who give so much to people in distress and who give without stint or thought of reward.
  • Thank you for all you do for those left behind
  • I could not be critical of any aspect of the help/counselling I received.  I know that I benefited considerably from a service that was flexible, confidential and utterly professional.  I felt able to ‘move at my pace’ and was so very grateful for this.
  • I got to the point where I could not cope.  My counsellor helped immensely, he was an impartial ear.  I also carried on using the service after my husband died.  The support was priceless.  Thank you!

The team operates from the pleasant outpatient wing of the Butterwick’s Bishop Auckland base in Woodhouse Lane.

The Bishop Auckland Hospice team provide support to people living throughout Weardale, Teesdale and the Sedgefield locality and relies upon the generosity of the local population for donations and other forms of charitable support to maintain their services.

For more information about how to access the Family Support Team please visit http://www.butterwick.org.uk/ourhospices/butterwickhospicebishopauckland/familysupportservice/