Wallis Waffle September 2018

Mon 3rd Sep 2018

Image of Wallis Waffle September 2018

I absolutely love my job; it is so incredible diverse and interesting. This week I have been spending time planning our new calendar for 2019, meeting supporters who popped in with goodies for our patients, and working with an amazing volunteer to pull together our exhibition for Memories of Mary (to celebrate the incredible life of our founder Mary Butterwick OBE) and out of work I am madly planning my costume of our eighties night (I am wondering if I can pull of a ‘Madonna’ outfit?!?). All of this is as exciting and fun as it sounds and I know I am blessed to be able to earn a living having such an incredible occupation.

Butterwick Hospice Care is an extraordinary organisation and my role allows me the incredible opportunity of regularly mixing with supporters, staff, volunteers, patients and their families. Most of my days are really positive and I do count myself as privileged to be part of such an amazing organisation. However, sometimes like everyone, I do have moments when I am overwhelmed by both the size of the job I have and the responsibility that comes with my role.

As an organisation Butterwick, has a number of different ways we raise income to pay for all the services we supply, however, the vast majority of our income comes from fundraising. Unlike some other charities Butterwick Hospice Care does not have a huge surplus at the end of each financial year; we spend our income on providing our services. We are highly dependent upon our local community supporting us on a regular basis to ensure we are able to provide quality care for all our patients, families and carers.

Therefore when we fail to sell tickets for a charity event or if don’t hit our targets as a team we all feel unhappy and uncomfortable. We know that our nurses, doctors, patients and their families are reliant on us to deliver the income the organisation needs to deliver our essential services. But, as I mentioned earlier Butterwick is an extraordinary organisation, fortunately we have an incredible loyal, supportive, caring and generous local community who understand the value of the priceless work we do. Local people recognise that we add life to days when adding days to life is no longer possible. It is only through this continued support that we are able to continue our work.

For more details about how to support the work of Butterwick Hospice Care  please call 01642 607742 or 01388 603003 or go to www.butterwick.org.uk

On behalf of everyone you have helped or will allow us to help through your continued support of Butterwick Hospcie Care I would like to thank you.

Jo Wallis

Head of Fundraising & Marketing

Butterwick Hospice Care