Let’s Get Physical! Exercises To Get Training Started For The Great North Run

Thu 12th May 2016

Image of Let’s Get Physical! Exercises To Get Training Started For The Great North Run

Signing up to #RunForButterwick in the Great North Run was the easy bit, now you have to make sure you are ready to run in September! 

You can always refer to our 16 Week Training Programme that Teesside marathon runner Matty Hynes has kindly provided, but we want to offer some extra help and tips for those of you struggling to get started.

As a starting point you should be aiming to run for at least three times a week. Try doing a different type of run each time:

•    The first run of the week should be more of an easy run where you stay at a comfortable conversation pace. 
•    The second run should be longer than your easy run but not as long as your longest run of the week. Try alternating between running and walking, but make sure you are walking at a brisk pace. 
•    The third run of the week should be your longest, Runner’s World recommend increasing your long run by 1.5 miles every other week until you are running/walking 13 to 14 miles. On alternate weeks keep your long run to no longer than three miles. 

Including short 20 minute sessions of strength training and core strengthen exercises into your routine will help you to build on your fitness and improve your performance. Here are some strength training exercises you could try: 

•    Push-ups
•    Squats
•    Lunges
•    Deadlifts
•    Planks 

Incorporating one or two days a week of non-impact cross training, like cycling, swimming or yoga will also improve your performance and training. This will help to build your fitness and prevent injuries.

Using these tips along with our 16 Week Training Programme is bound to get you ready for the Great North Run! We look forward to seeing you at the starting line this September.

  • If you have any questions or want to chat with other Butterwick runners use our hashtag #RunForButterwick on Twitter and join in the conversation.