Butterwick Bake Off a Delicious Success

Thu 16th Jun 2016

Image of Butterwick Bake Off a Delicious Success

The ovens have been on overdrive around the North East recently as employees from 19 leading companies stretched their baking muscles in a Bake Off competition to rival the best.

Baking competitions were held at each company to choose the best of their respective bakes to take forward to the final competition which was held at Hardwick Hall Hotel in Sedgefield on 15th June in front of 270 guests and 5 celebrity judges including Olympic golden god, long jumper, Chris Tomlinson, comedian Patrick Monahan, celebrity chef Eugene McCoy, caterer to the stars, Wendy Deans of Popcorn Catering and Peter Barron, Writer and Journalist.



The competition and event was meticulously organised by Jacksons Law in aid of Butterwick Hospice Care. Jane Armitage, Managing Partner of the firm and her team pulled off their second very professional event in aid of the Hospice to the delight of everyone there but particularly those who won the three categories that were judged which were: Tray Bake, Pastries and Tarts and the Show Stopper Cake.

Chris Tomlinson with the line up of cakes. Photo Source: Twitter @Jacsfirth

The cakes and pies were displayed around the room and boy what a display! If we weren’t hungry when we got there we were soon looking for an opportunity to sample the wares. The standards were very high and everyone should be proud of their achievements and baking prowess.

Each category had been pre-judged by two sterling member of the Women’s Institute, no less. They had created a short list in each category of the five best bakes.

First up in the competition was the tray bakes. They all looked really tasty but the celebrity judges, led by Eugene McCoy chose a wonderful blueberry cake topped with a Philadelphia cheese icing, baked by Alison from Jacksons. We managed to sample a little of this lovely tray bake after the judging and it was decidedly tasty.

The next competition was for the best pie or tart and that was won by a very surprised David Fairley from Sanderson Weatherall. David amazed everyone with his admission that he hadn’t baked the winning Apricot Tart recipe since he was a child. It was made to a recipe his mum had taught him some 40 years earlier!

Showstopping cake winner from Learning Curve. Photo Source: Twitter @JacksonsLaw_01

Just before the show stopper cake judging, four guest’s names were drawn from a hat to take part in a cake decorating competition in front of the audience. The contestants were expertly helped by the pastry chef from Hardwick Hall and her assistant and much encouragement from Patrick Monahan.

The main competition of the night was the next item on the menu of entertainment. Five of the show stopper cakes had been selected by the ladies of the W.I. to battle it out for the best in show.  The winning cake according to the judges was a stunning 3 tier interpretation of the Rio Olympics with silhouetted Rio skyline and a synchronised swimmer on the top helping to form the word Rio with her arms and legs!

The cake was baked by colleagues Faye Morgan and Elaine Simpson from Handelsbanken in Stockton. A truly excellent effort and by all accounts a delicious cake.

Bake off winners, Faye and Elaine from Handelsbanken! Photo source: Twitter @Butterwickhos

There was also a public show of hands around the room for the audience's favourite cake which was won by Phil Bradwell from Learning Curve.

Some of our favourite tweets from the day:









A huge thanks from Butterwick Hospice to Jane Armitage and her team, to Jacksons Law, the celebrity guest judges, Paul and Alex Frost who compared and filmed the event and of course all of the bakers and their guests who attended a very good show.