Butterwick House Overview

Butterwick House is a 'home away from home'. Each family is assigned keyworkers; these are care team members who make sure that the time each child spends at Butterwick House is individually tailored to their needs and abilities.

Butterwick House features a special facility for our teenage and young adult patients who can spend quality time with other young people of a similar age in the purpose built Teenage and Young Adult Unit. The Unit is an integrated part of the Hospice so access to the rest of Butterwick House is always available for the young people who use this excellent facility. However, it also offers older patients the chance to relax together enjoying activities more appropriate for their age group.

Patients can meet new friends at Butterwick House and families experiencing similar challenges get to know each other and form friendships. The young people who come here are aged between birth and 25 years and they each have a range of health care needs.

Before coming to visit us, we talk to each child/young person's family, Doctor and care team to make sure that this is the right place for them to come and stay.


The lounge is the hub of Butterwick House. It is a large room filled with things children and teenagers enjoy such as TV and DVD, computer games, musical instruments, special computers with lots of specific aids and programmes, a music system and a bright soft play area.

The Teenage and Young Adult Unit also features its own spacious and comfortable day room incorporating a lounge, dining and kitchen area with a wide screen TV and entertainment system.

In the main lounge we use music therapy with the help of a variety of instruments and one of the soft beanbags is vibrocoustic which means it can be connected to a sound system. The bag then vibrates to the beat of the music so young patients can feel the music through the bean bag! The play room is spacious and busy through the day and relaxing at night.

A great feature in the lounge is the largest dining table you are likely to see. Everyone including the care team sit together during meal times. It’s a fantastic time to chat and relax during the day.

The lounge also has an activity kitchen where the children and care team like to bake treats such as tasty biscuits, cakes and pizzas. It is also the source of several choices of hot and cold drinks. 

Meals are provided from the main kitchen in the adult hospice which can be accessed through adjoining doors. 

Hydrotherapy Pool

The hydrotherapy pool’s temperature is set at 36 degrees so it feels like getting into a warm bath. There are two depths of water, the shallow end is approximately 1ft deep and the deep end is approximately 4ft deep. The heat from the pool is relaxing and it can help to ease muscle tightness and general aches and strains. The pool can be set up differently depending on the wishes of the child or young person.

There is a Jacuzzi setting in both sides. There are also jets of water known as Rio that shoot out of the sides of the wall. These make an undercurrent that work against the limbs. The benefit of Rio jets is that people in the water are actually being given a Physio session without realising it.

The hydrotherapy pool is used for two main reasons; chilling out and having fun. Water fights are normal and there are lots of great toys like water pistols, beach balls, floats, a basketball game and lots of floating aids.

The hydrotherapy pool can be used by all the family. The pool can be used by families between stays as well as while the child is in the care of the Hospice.

Families wishing to use the pool can do so during the day or early evening and simply contact the care team to make a booking.

Sensory Garden

The Butterwick House garden was completed several years ago by GMTV and B&Q when they performed a makeover for us as part of their ‘Get up and Give’ campaign. It has recently been given a major upgrade with the help of the Greenfingers Charity and the Garden Centre Group. 

The sensory garden has raised flower beds, a barbecue area, a ground level trampoline, a large blackboard to draw on and a wheelchair swing. It is accessible to all and it is large enough for wheelchairs to move around freely so children can have fun. It is a relaxing environment that can be enjoyed by the children, their families and the care team.

Multi-Sensory Room

The multi-sensory room is one of the most popular facilities at Butterwick House. The lights can be used to stimulate sensory awareness and also to relax and unwind. The room has:

  • Fibre optics
  • Bubble tubes
  • Coloured spotlights
  • Movie projector
  • Disco ball
  • Infinity light tunnel

Multi-sensory therapy can involve sound as well as light so the room is fitted with a music system. To add an extra dimension to the experience scented aromatherapy oils may also be used.

Craft Room

The craft room is ideal for young people at Butterwick House to express themselves and indulge their creative talents.

The room is decorated with bright colours and the cupboards are stocked with all of the things needed to create pictures, artworks and lots of different crafts.

The children enjoy making things to take home as gifts for their family and friends. The care team help the children to create memory books for their families that are full of the things they have made and pictures of the things they have done or places they have been to visit while staying at Butterwick House.


There are four children's bedrooms at Butterwick House and two bedrooms in the Teenage and Young Adult Unit; each a different colour and they can be adapted to meet the needs of each child or young person. The bedrooms can be personalised to each individual who can bring their own laptop or favourite pictures, cuddly toys or other items that make their room more like home.

We have a variety of beds, specialist beds and cots and facilities for wheelchair users. All the rooms have access to satellite television, DVD player and a music system. Each bedroom in the children's unit has double doors leading out into the sensory garden.

In the Teenage and Young Adult Unit the young people staying enjoy the same high standard of individual accommodation and entertainment systems. They too are encouraged to make their rooms feel more like home during their stay.

Family Accommodation

Butterwick House has facilities for parents or carers wishing to stay during their young person’s visit. The facilities at Butterwick House are here for the family to access.

There is a comfortable flat with a lounge, two separate bedrooms and a spacious bathroom. The  bedrooms each have portable televisions and plenty of cupboard space.

There is a shared lounge with tea and coffee making facilities, a fridge and television. This lounge overlooks the large playroom downstairs in the main area of the Hospice.

Other Helpful Things

Butterwick House provides other helpful services which are freely available to children and their families. These include:

  • Complementary Therapies to help with feelings of sleeplessness, stress and discomfort. Several members of the Care Team are trained to administer soothing aromatherapy massages.
  • The Family Support team can help with any questions about the future or about practical or spiritual matters. Any member of the care team can put patients or family members in touch with a member of Family Support..
  • The Sibling Support Group provides special outings, weekends and group activities especially for brothers and sisters of patients who can feel a bit left out and neglected when a poorly sibling needs lots of care. The Care Team ensure siblings enjoy their special activities and outings and each have opportunites to talk honestly about their concerns and fears if they wish.

Butterwick Outings

Butterwick House has a mini bus which is used to transport children and young people on days out and to events such as:

  • Country fairs
  • Football matches
  • Seaside
  • Parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Circus
  • Cinema

The bus is specially adapted for wheelchair users and has baby seats for the toddlers.

Butterwick House Children’s Hospice is part of Butterwick Hospice Care which is a registered charity (No. 1044816)

The Hospice provides specialist pain and symptom control, end of life, respite and day care, complementary therapies, bereavement care and family support to children, young people and their families and carers.

Butterwick House serves the communities of Teesside, County Durham, North Yorkshire and Wearside.

The Charity provides care and support free of charge but depends upon the support of the communities it serves to continue its vital services to patients and their families.

Fundraise for Butterwick House

Butterwick House relies heavily on donations from the communities it serves to continue providing care freely to families across the region. Please help us today.

To find out more about how you can support this vital service contact the fundraising office on 01642 628930. You can make a single or regular donation towards our work or visit the Fundraising section or the events section of this site.

If you require any further information about the service please contact:

Head of Care, Butterwick House, Children’s Hospice, Middlefield Road, Stockton on Tees, TS19 8XN Tel: 01642 607748, Fax: 01642 605785 or email [email protected]

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