Family Support

Our Family Support Team are highly qualified and very experienced and are able to give help and advice to families. This part of their role within the Hospice is to guide families through the many challenges and changes to their normal routines and any issues they may encounter.

This is a very helpful service particularly at a time when people are feeling vulnerable and confused and not sure which way to turn for the best help and advice regarding practical issues.

Carer Support Group

Another part of the Family Support Team role is the provision of carer support group meetings. These are particularly helpful to people feeling isolated by their caring responsibilities. Knowing you are not alone and there are others experiencing the same fears and responsibilities is a comfort in itself.

Carer groups formed at Butterwick have stayed together over a long period of time, even after some members have been bereaved, as the friendship and support members give each other builds strong bonds.

Bereavement Support is an important aspect of the care offered by our Family Support team. One to one councelling is available to patients and their loved ones both during and after the patients illness.

Our bereavement support groups are very successful and have made a huge difference to the lives of many local people who are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives after the loss of a loved one.

All services carried out by our Family Support Team are free of charge to patients and their families and are a part of the many forms of help and support provided by the Hospice to those facing the realities of a life limiting illness.

If you would like more information about Family Support within the Hospice please contact Hazel Saunders or Sharon Wilson on 01642 607742 or email [email protected]