Variety is the spice of Volunteering

Thu 28th Jul 2016

Image of Variety is the spice of Volunteering

Have you ever wondered about becoming a fundraising volunteer for your nearest and dearest charity but didn’t dare enquire about it in case you got roped in to something you didn’t want to do? I must admit I could imagine people feeling trepidations at the thought.

So I thought it might help one or two brave souls to take a step further if I opened the magic box to let you look into the world of the fundraising volunteers that bravely give their time and expertise to Butterwick Hospice on occasion.

Fundraising these days is a very regulated business but that is the responsibility of our staff.  The professional fundraisers that work for the hospice have a great deal to learn when they join the team but thankfully we have some really experienced and dedicated people who are a great knowledge bank of information.

However, for our volunteers it is not nearly so formal. It is entirely up to each person how often they help out and what kind of task they would like to carry out and the variety of tasks is huge.

Here is a list of a few of the roles you could get involved in as a volunteer fundraiser:

Greeting guests at a fundraising event – We hold some lovely friendly events where our supporters come to be entertained. Meeting and greeting or helping with event registration and generally helping out to keep the event moving along smoothly is a popular volunteer role.

Helping on tombola and fundraising stalls – We take our well-dressed stalls to many of the big country shows and to supporting large retail shops. Volunteers often come along for just a couple of hours to hold the fort and serve our lovely customers.

Marshalling (people and cars) – We often hold large outdoor events where we need lots of help to make sure people know which way to go to get to the start, the next point, where to get a drink etc.

Helping on a merchandise stand – We offer pocket money gifts and seasonal merchandise to our lovely supporters and volunteers come along for a period of time to suit them and help out.

Servicing our collecting cans in your area – Lots of very helpful small shops, businesses and organisations are kindly sporting one of our collecting cans. These need changing occasionally as they fill up.  Volunteers help us with this task and we give each one a specific round in an area that suits them.

General administration like filling envelopes – We occasionally need help with small tasks like folding tombola tickets, stuffing envelopes, compiling lists etc

Calendar deliveries to outlets in your area – Each year the Hospice produces excellent quality calendars which outlets offer to sell. Our volunteers help to deliver these out to outlets in or near their own area.

Christmas merchandise deliveries in your area – Volunteers also help to deliver our lovely cuddly Christmas toys.

Our volunteers join us at all the best and most exciting events and shows so if you are outgoing sort of person or you prefer to sit quietly helping with small tasks we have a role for you. It’s easy to apply to become a volunteer, in fact you can sign up on this website by clicking here.

I hope this little blog has perhaps given you the confidence to give us a call for a chat about what you might like to do. You can contact the fundraising team on 01642 628930 and 01388 660644 or you can chat to our Volunteering Co-ordinators on 01642 607742 or 01388 603003.