Top Quality Care from Small Acorns!

Thu 7th Jul 2016

Image of Top Quality Care from Small Acorns!

We all know the old saying about the oak tree growing from small acorns, it’s an adage true of so many things in life. It is also the process by which many charities, such as Butterwick Hospice, approach a question like ‘so, how are we going to raise £4,000,000 again this year?’

Butterwick Hospice is freely available to everyone living within the catchment areas of its three hospices. Our services are provided free of charge to thousands of people of all ages every year, but they are far from free to the charity.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those who have a life limiting illness and for their families. To do that to the highest standards we want to employ the very best expertise in every field of palliative care and to provide the very best buildings and equipment for our clinicians, therapists and counsellors to use.

Our fundraising has to cover this cost. One source of fundraising is our weekly Butterwick Lottery.

Lottery members pay £1 per week membership to ensure their unique number is entered into our automated draw which randomly selects 20 winners each week. Every week someone wins the £1,500 top prize.

The key part of this story is that every one of our Butterwick Lottery members pays £1 a week to enter the draw. All those £1s add up to a very useful income hence the adage ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow. ‘

£1 of support against a target of £4million seems too small to make any difference but it is affordable for many people, so many people agree to support their local Butterwick Hospice this way and help to ensure that Butterwick is there for them, their family, friends or colleagues should they ever need it.

Why not do your bit? Join Butterwick Lottery and commit your £1 each week in support of your local Butterwick Hospice services. Who knows, you could be the next person we call to say ‘You’ve just won £1,500, congratulations!’ Even if you are not that person you have 19 other chances every week of winning a cash prize. Ultimately, your acorn will be helping to ensure the survival of a very important oak tree.

Find out more and join the Butterwick Lottery here.