Healthy Foods, Snacks and a Positive Approach to Your GNR Diet

Thu 19th May 2016

Image of Healthy Foods, Snacks and a Positive Approach to Your GNR Diet

Nutrition can – believe it or not – be the make or break aspect of your half marathon preparation. 

A good diet for marathon training doesn’t necessarily have to be reducing your food intake, it is adapting it to improve your endurance. 

Focusing on carbohydrate and protein intake can often be the key factors in a successful pre-marathon diet – not only will it encourage weight loss, endurance encouragement and muscle gain but it will overhaul your quality of life.

The first thing is a training plan. This needs to fit with your needs, tastes and exercise regime. Some people prefer very different foods to others during marathon diet preparation and for snacks before and during the race. 

During high intensity activities such as marathon running, carbohydrates are the body’s preferred energy source. This is why the GNR has a popular ‘Pasta Party’ during the run-up to the big race – helping you to maximise your body’s energy’s stores – as well as pasta, you can fill up on potatoes and particular fruits and vegetables. 

Protein is key in the body’s development of new muscle tissue as well as repairs – key for those undergoing intense exercise. Focus your protein intake for after the run, including the intake of milk, cheese and yoghurt, white meats and eggs.

Experiment with foods well in advance of the big day – after all a funny stomach isn’t ideal when running 13.1 miles! Focus on low GI carbs for your general diet and hold off on ‘carb loading’ until the last week.

Choose which snacks and protein drinks you’ll use during the run by using different snacks during training sessions, to see what works best for you. Popular snacks include sport gels, isotonic drinks, bananas, oranges, honey, dried fruit or gummy sweets such as jelly beans or gummy bears.

Some great ideas can be found on these nutrition and health blogs:
•    BBC Good Food 
•    Runner’s World
•    Shape Magazine

Share your diet and nutrition tips for our half marathon GNR runners this year with the hashtag #RunForButterwick on Twitter – we can’t wait to hear them! 

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