First Contact Group in Focus

Mon 13th Jun 2016

Image of First Contact Group in Focus

The Hospice is coming to the end of a very busy few weeks populated by a string of important awareness weeks. The promotions started with Children’s Hospice Week from 23rd May, then Volunteer Week and then Carer’s Week which ended last Sunday.

Now we are turning our attentions to another really important service delivered each week by Butterwick Hospice and our specialist partners in Stockton. This is the Motor Neurone Disease First Contact Group, which is open every Friday. Patients and their carers can attend either the morning or afternoon drop in session which offers them a place to relax, socialise with other people with similar challenges and opportunities to access helpful advice, family support and complementary therapy treatments.

The First Contact Group is a great example of partnership working between a group of professionals who have come together to address the needs of a specific group of people. MND is an incurable disease that is very difficult to diagnose and which takes on different forms which affect sufferers in different ways and at different rates of progression.

It is a very frightening debilitating life limiting condition for people suffering the illness and for those who are carers to a loved one with the disease. Butterwick Hospice works in close partnership with the Cleveland Branch of the MND Association and with the MND Nurse Specialist at James Cook University Hospital.

Butterwick’s Complementary Therapies team have been recognised with a national award in innovative treatments by the Federation of Holistic Therapies for their ground breaking work in supporting this group of patients and the MND Association are encouraging more partnerships with Hospices across the UK to create more availability for sufferers to this specific model of care.



Global MND Day is held every year on 21st June. Butterwick is currently hosting a small exhibition within the Hospice reception to promote awareness of this mysterious illness and to make people aware of the helpful support that is available every Friday at Butterwick for those recently diagnosed with the illness or those in the early stages of their progression.

We welcome enquiries from anyone interested in the MND First Contact Group. Please get in touch with the Hospice on 01642 607742 or contact MND Specialist Nurse, Anthony Hanratty on 01642 854318.