Don't Need it? Donate it.

Fri 13th Jan 2017

Image of Don't Need it? Donate it.

We have just enjoyed Black Friday, Christmas and so many great sales my wardrobe is groaning and complaining, so this weekend I’m going to have a good sort through to find the type of clothes and accessories we all have and don’t use. The things that used to fit and that I used to really like but never wear any more.

The thing is, these items aren’t doing a lot of good hanging about taking up space but they can be put to good use raising funds for Butterwick Hospice. So, why not join me this January and have a good look through your wardrobes and drawers for clothes that are still serviceable and saleable but that you don’t use any more.

While we are about this thinning out operation why not have a look through the family books, CDs and DVD collection too and see if there are past treasures that have lost their lustre for you but may be just what someone else would love.

Having a good old sort out is very therapeutic too. Sorting out your wardrobe generates a feeling that you have done a worthwhile job which makes your life more organised and helps other people too.

Butterwick Hospice makes really good use of every saleable donation and even clothes that are worn out are valuable to the charity as they are weighed in as rags. I also belong to the charity’s Gift Aid scheme so anything I donate that is sold generates an extra 25% in income from the tax man! Plus each time I take my bag of donations into my local shop I receive a lovely thank you email. If you would like to add Gift Aid to your donations just ask about it in any of Butterwick’s shops, hospices or the warehouse. It’s really easy to sign up and it makes a huge difference.

I think I’ll create a new mantra for January. Don’t use it? Donate it!

If you want to check up on what to donate you can contact the warehouse on 01642 788201 or check out this page on the website. Happy sorting!