Children's 20th Anniversary Party

Wed 26th Sep 2018

Image of Children's 20th Anniversary Party

Children’s 20th Anniversary Party

Butterwick Hospice Care Children’s Hospice is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this month. To mark the occasion we held a party.  It was a really special day in our calendar and one which I personally will treasure, simply seeing the children, their families and carers relaxing and enjoying a party was really heart-warming.   I may have managed to sit in a police car pressed all the buttons to make the lights flash and the sirens go, and got a sparkling Tinkerbell tattoo, but obviously that was just to encourage the shyer children to take part. 

The party was filled with music and laughter as children (both young and those young at heart) enjoyed the day.  We had balloons, a bouncy castle, cupcakes, hotdogs, how to make a harmonica workshop, a smiley clown called Marko, spinning multi-coloured plates and a sparkling temporary tattoo artist.  To anyone popping their head round the door, it might look like just another children’s party. But this is a very special party, with our VIP guest-list made up of families whose lives have been touched by Butterwick Hospice Care.


Over the past 20 years, as a children’s hospice we have been privileged to work with a huge number of families, each one is special and holds an important place in the heart of the hospice. Our team of doctors, nurses and support staff are able to build strong relationships with the children and families, developing our services to meet the individual needs of everyone in our care, sharing all those remarkable moments of caring for children, enjoying all the high lights and sharing the moments of sadness. Above all we are always available especially in times of need. Through our services we are able to provide care and support for babies, children and young adults.

In addition to our work with those in the Children’s hospice we also provide support to children who are facing or have experienced the loss of a member of their family. Our Kidz club is an  amazing opportunity for children and young people to get together with others in a similar situation, appreciate they are not alone and through lots of fun activities learn different techniques to help them manage emotions and challenging situations.

Butterwick Hospice Care is very aware of how privileged we are to be able to work with local children and their families, it is an honour and one we take very seriously. The support of our local community is essential to allow us to continue this work.  For more details about how to support the work of Butterwick Hospice Care please call 01642 607742 or 01388 603003 or go to

On behalf of everyone you have helped or will allow us to help through your continued support of Butterwick Hospice Care thank you.

Jo Wallis