A Butterwick Story with 'Ian Walker'

Thu 23rd Nov 2017

Image of A Butterwick Story with 'Ian Walker'


A Butterwick Story with - Ian Walker

At the Butterwick we have gained so much amazing support from amazing people within our community. Our most recent story involving a local businessman 'Ian Walker' has supported the hospice and worked with us for two decades. People like Ian really do make all the difference to the hospice, may it be fundraising, or working alongside us, Ian over the years has given so much and we hope his story can inspire others to help in any way that they can. 

Ian's Story 

I've always wanted to support the Butterwick which I've worked with for around 20 years. I'm the owner of premier blinds and have taken care of the blinds both in the Stockton hospice as well as Bishop Auckland. Also your newest building at Stockton hospice and the previous offices at Preston farm. I've had the pleasure with dealing with Nigel and Fiona Wagner also previously Ann Johnson.

In the past I've ran the great north run and the London marathon for the Butterwick. This has been my goal to do the New York marathon since doing London back in 2009. With many unsuccessful ballot attempts I made it my goal to do it by the time I was 40.