8 Marathon Hacks To See You Through The GNR

Wed 11th May 2016

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We’ve all read the articles as we complete our training preparation for pretty much any basic run we’ve ever done (there must be an easy way!) but here is our compilation of our favourite marathon hacks – just for you! 

Thank you for agreeing to run 13.1 miles for Butterwick Hospice! No, you’re not mad, you’re brilliant! 

It’s not going to be easy. The beginning, the middle and the end will have its own challenges, but let’s just prepare in the best way, first, shall we?

Here are our training, fitness and running hacks to ensure your run is an easier one! 

8 Marathon Hacks to See You through the Great North Run 

1. Take heed of the saying, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint”, and after all, you’re not Mo Farah (if you are Mo, thanks for reading our blog)! Walk when you need to walk, rehydrate when you need to rehydrate and run when you feel you can run. There are no losers when you’re running for charity. 
2. It’s believed that you should run before breakfast to encourage weight loss and mid-afternoon for speed and endurance improvement.
3. If you get too hot when training, pour cold water on your wrists – it’s the quickest way to reduce your body temperature. Don’t be afraid to take a break too. 
4. “Proper food” is a huge factor in improving your overall fitness. Don’t use “I’m doing the Great North Run” as an excuse for those takeaways – change your diet too and your marathon training will seem oh so easier!
5. Know the course and practice the bits that are harder to train for. You can’t run around your local park for 13.1 miles if it’s flat, because those aren’t the conditions you’ll be facing. Practice uphill running too – but build it into your training plan as your fitness levels improve. Use a GNR training plan.
6. Load up on carbs in the run up to the big day. The GNR Pasta Party is always a great way to start the half marathon weekender as its rich in carbs, as well as potatoes, bread, yogurt and sports drinks. Avoid greasy pizza as a “pre-celebratory GNR reward” – it will weigh you down.
7. Work out which method of progress tracking works for you – distance or time? Setting milestones that are time based are a good way of monitoring progress for some who find it hard to mentally acknowledge the achievement in reaching 4 miles out of 13. 
8. On the day you should be aware of what clothes are comfortable for the journey ahead – don’t buy new ones and be early, prepare for delays. 

Share your marathon running tips for our half marathon GNR runners this year with the hashtag #RunForButterwick on Twitter – we can’t wait to hear them! 

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